The fleet consists of a selection of handcrafted wood kayaks without rudders built in Revelstoke as well as plastic and composite kayaks with rudders. Most of our boats are unique wood composite construction and are as beautiful to look at as they are a joy to paddle. We have three different sizes to choose from to make sure you get a boat that is right for you. Each of our boats is named on a Nordic theme and each painstakingly finished to let the beauty of the natural wood shine through. The names of the boats are:

  • Viking Queen
  • Odins Maiden
  • Viking Princess
  • Lokis Leketoy- Lokis plaything
  • Ormen Lange- Long Snake
  • Tors Hammer- The hammer of the God Thor
  • Jotuns Hjem- Giants Home
  • Valkyries Fyr- Valkyries Fire
  • Alfheim- Elf home
  • Sleipner Den Raske
  • Vakker Freyja
  • Valhalla
  • Valkyrie

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