The fleet consists of a selection of handcrafted wood kayaks without rudders built in Revelstoke as well as plastic and composite kayaks with rudders. Most of our boats are unique wood composite construction and are as beautiful to look at as they are a joy to paddle. We have three different sizes to choose from to make sure you get a boat that is right for you. Each of our boats is named on a Nordic theme and each painstakingly finished to let the beauty of the natural wood shine through. The names of the boats are:

ORMEN LANGE – Long Snake.  Olaf Trygvasen’s  long ship (famous Viking King).





TORS HAMMER – The God Thor’s magical Hammer

ALFHEIM – Elf’s home

ODINS MAIDEN – Handmaiden of the head God in Valhalla

VAKKER FREYA – Beautiful Freya. The Goddess of Love

SLEIPNER DEN RASKE –  Thor’s horse who is very fast. The Eight-Legged War Horse of ODIN

JOTUNS HJEM – Land of the Giants

VALKYRIE – Norse Death Spirits. Beautiful warrior ladies who take the dead back to Valhalla

LOKIS LEKETOY – Loki’s plaything

AEGIR – Norse  God of the Sea

AASGARD – Famous Norse HQ where the Aesir Gods hang out

BIFROST – The Rainbow Bridge. This is the gateway to ASGARD, and only the worthy can gain admittance.

HEIMDAL – Norse Guardian God. Sentinel God of Light, Security and Surveillance

HUGINN – Huginn was one of the fellow ravens of Odin, and  name means Thought

MUNINN – Muninn was one of the fellow ravens of Odin , and name means Memory

SKIBLADNER –  the god  Frey´s magical ship (the ruler of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine and the son of the sea God)

JORMUNGANDER – Norse fabulous creature

SIFS GYLDNE HAAR – Thor’s wife. Her hair is like a golden harvest.

FREYR SKIBLADNIR – Norse Peace God. Popular God of Peace, Prosperity and Plenty


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